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American Gangster

American Gangster

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Is Jay Z Working On A ‘Lemonade’ Response Album?

 Beyonce's LEMONADE album re-told her emotional experience through Jay Z's infidelity. Although Jay was reportedly involved in the creation of one Bey's best albums to date, a source told US Weekly that he is working on a "response" album to reveal "his side of things." If the information is true, this will be his first album since 2013's Magna Carta Holy Grail AND it will be his last album.

Jay Z Suing Former Owners Of Tidal

Jay Z is going after the former owners and execs of Tidal for $15 million because he claims they lied about their subscribers when they were selling the company to him. According to reports, they told Jay that their streaming service had 540k subscribers when he bought his stake for $56 million, but he thinks that number was much lower.  

Jay Z Sued For $18 Million By Parlux Fragrances

Jay Z has always been known for his smart business decisions, but one venture he decided to do could cost him millions of dollars. According to TMZ, Parlux Fragrances is going after Jay for not following through with the deal he signed for his "Gold Jay Z," which launched back in 2013. In the lawsuit, Parlux claims they signed a licensing deal, where they used Jay's name and image to launch the fragrance, but he refused to do any promotions for fragrance.

"Further, there was supposed to be a line of follow-up fragrances that Jay helped develop, but according to the suit ... he dodged meetings and the new colognes never got off the ground. Parlux says it expected to haul in about $50 million over 2 years, but instead the whole deal is pepe le pew -- it's losing money, and stores are returning unsold inventory." 
The company is going after $18 million for damages.

Jay Z & Timbaland Won ‘Big Pimpin’ Copyright Infringement Case

It's being reported that Jay Z and Timbaland have won the "Big Pimpin" copyright infringement case. According to The Hollywood Reporter, L.A. Superior Court Judge Christina A. Snyder has ruled the plaintiff, Osama Fahmy, "lacked standing to pursue his claim,” Fahmy's attorney told The Hollywood Reporter that, “We disagree strongly with the ruling, and we fully intend to appeal." He also added, ”We haven’t fully formulated our appeal strategy, but certainly we believe the court committed legal error in failing to restrict the license under Egyptian law.”

Hillary Clinton Spent $15,000 At Jay Z’s 40/40 Club In New York

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reportedly spent $15,000 at Jay Z's 40/40 club in NYC. The reports claim Clinton ran up the $15k tab for "catering, food, and beverages." Hillary has raised the most amount of money for her presidential candidate fundraising so far ($33 million).



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