Artist: Sway & King Tech f/ Jay-Z
Album: Wake Up Show Freestyles Vol. 5
Song: Jay-Z

Wake Up Show, ultra maximum
Yes we're internationally known
[* Chinese *]
Speak a language universal
Check on how I use it
Time for Wake Up Show with Sway and Tech
[* Mexican *]
Why wait, Sway and Tech

(Hawaiian Sophie and before that) [* Laughter *]
We been there with you man
You know and umm and he was like you know what I like about Jay-Z
And he had your album in his car
As a matter of fact, where did Chase go
Yeah he's right now, right
He said man I like his flow, his flow is so on point
It sounds like he's talking
And behind all that congratualtions on all the success
But what got him there is the flow
You know it's the MC, the skills
It's what got you there man
And you know, no matter what anybody say
You still a tight rapper (Right)
You know what I'm saying (Right)
And that's what we listen for on the Wake Up Show man
And I can prove it that Jay-Z's a tight rapper
Even, even after sellin' platinum
Rap throw on a beat, rap throw on a beat
Some people fall off after they go platinum, you know that
(He tryin'....) [* Laughter *]
Man throw on, throw on a beat man
Watch this y'all, watch this, watch this
Tryin' to call me every day [* Laughter *]
(Alright where is he going with this) [* Laughter *]
Yo, yo Jay can you flip to this
(I'ma do this for you right)
(But I want you to know that your...I seen that coming)
(I was like where's he going with this)
(He was like he's platinum but...he can still flow)
Yeah watch this y'all, y'all don't believe me
Watch this, watch this, watch this...

Yeah, Jigga yo
Flow sicker on every record, watch shine
Glock nine dog, heavy necklace
Watch mine, about to make cats very jealous
Ice in every letter
Untouchable, can't mess with dude
Duck spit, arm shake who Juan Don play
With this CEO of the coke on Broadway
Never heard so many joints from one man
I make chickens bounce, I make the gun jam
Flow is like sniffin' a hundred grams
Of cocaine raw, rip ya whole brain off
Make it real easy to rip ya chain off
BK style, see Jay howl
We don't play fair, we play foul
Go ahead stand there we spray crowds
Live from the 718, if there was ever one great
I'm him daddy times ten

[* Laughter *]

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Like that [* Laughter *]
Boy you in the wrong business
Know what I'm saying
That's my politician, yeah
Don't knock the hustle
Alright, alright can't do that
We gonna take some calls right now...





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